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I have been with triad for nine months and my payment is at 498.93. I was real excited to know that I have made all my payments on time and I am ready to refinance.

So I go to make the adjustments and come to find out they stopped refinancing 1 week ago for no reason. I am pissed, I have taken care of my payments and this is the reward I get for being a good custumer.

Triad sucks and I recommend that even if you have no other option for financing a vehcile please do not allow Triad to finance you or you might get screwed!

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The only suggestion i can give anyone paying thru triad is to pay extra and everything that u pay extra, have applied to your principal. Triad, like many lenders who are supposedly there to "help" those with less than prfect credit, is a rip off to the upmost degree.

I was 31 days late on one payment, and they have it listed on my credit report that it was 90 days and refused to fix the problem- even though those 31 days were considered by them as a "deferment". Also, whenever offered a deferment by them, take it, but still make monthly paymnts during the deferment period.They find ways during that time to charge you more at the end. A word of advice for anyone who doesnt have a car loan thru triad, find out if thy charge a penalty for early payoff.

Some companies, like Americacredit, actually charge you more for paying it off early than if u just waited the time. If Triad does, pay off half of it one month, then wait a month or two before paying off the rest- best way to beat the large penalty.



first off it sounds like your making your payments late. we do charge a high per day per diem.

(thats interest you accrue daily).

The majority of your first 2 years is going to go to interest. Start paying on time and you will see much more of a drop over the next year.

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #8345

:( I called the Triad people today after reading all of this and checking into my own payoff amount- I had my car for almost 2yrs. Pay $400 per month and the principal applied is around $1000. How do we get in on the class action?

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