I understand that my payment is late an I got a little behind.

Triad is getting paid based on finance charge 15% interst on loan, and late fees. *** my $400 paument on Feb 29, paid off zero-$$ towards the principal.

They call each month and I tell them when I can pay. they say they will note the account yet they put me on a collection auto-dialer and call me 10-times a day knowing what I have statd in the notes to them.

I will never consider consider using them again. I would rather not be able to get a loan than have to ever use Triad again.

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I do not have a phone number to contact Triad. They have my car title and I want it asap!!

The car has been paid in full back in October 2010...and I can't find a phone number to contact them for my title.

Can anyone provide that for me? email me at: jaztnr2@yahoo.com


to Cindy Uzella Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #624665



First off to #6.... we are based in texas you retard. I dont know of one indian person who works in the whole call center. Shut up and pay your bill. No one else would give you a loan... and why? cause you dont pay on time. We gave you a loan and ask you to do ONE THING.... PAY YOUR BILL ON TIME. but your not mature enough to manage your money so yes we call you everyday till you make it. Without us you would be walking to work. to the job you dont need cause you dont pay your bills anyway.


Im sure i will call you soon.

Bridgeport, Illinois, United States #15428

The call center folks overall aren't bad people and most are just doing their job.

The system is a joke though becuase you tell them when you will pay and how much and then they call you ten times a day, including weekends

Personally...I just love top F with em anymore

Waterford, Ontario, Canada #14593

I can't stand Triad! Their call center is harassing daily.

They call my cell and my place of employment daily - even though they have been directed to not contact me at work. They called 6 times between the two numbers in twency minutes. It's completely ridiculous. I understand the payment is late .

. .

they will get the money. There is no need for numerous calls allllllll day.

Dallas Center, Iowa, United States #13932

Traid is now officially out of bussiness !!!!!

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil #13567

Triad does not outsource any of its call center operations. All customer service, collections, remarketing etc..

is handled in Texas.

Get your facts together before commenting on something you know nothing about. Better yet, pay your payment when its due and you won't have to be called at all.

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #8397

I currently have a loan through Triad for a car that has since been repo'd in the last year. It went to auction and they got back some of what I owed on it, but they still are hounding me for more money.

I am currently unemployed and I have explained my situation to them that I can't pay anything. I get calls on a daily basis, right around the same time every day, even though I have told the call center what my situation is. I even get calls on Sundays, which I didn't even think a collector could do. I don't know who to contact regarding this matter.

Could anyone out there give me some guidence? I am tired of being harassed.

Corvallis, Oregon, United States #7836

I can't stand talking to thier call center. There is nothing worse than having to repeat yourself 20 times and spell every word out to those darn workers in India who act like they no everything and interrupt ever word you say.

I will never buy from them.

I hope you all make the same choice. Lets put these guys out of business that do not support workers in America.

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