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Did not know about any lawsuit against Triad. I

have had my loan going on 2 years at $500.00 a month, yet I would love to get refinanced, however

I still owe more than the car is worth, so unless I

inherit a wealth or unending riches, I was born in

American, disowned by my native state, I am going

to die poor. It seems to be the American way. It

seems that the politics would be to work for the

Americus and its people to a crediable culture and

not return to undermined existence. Triad then needs to pull themselves away and above the others. So since now I have had the loan for 2 years

of April 08, I find the loan outrageous and demeaning, since I traded a mustang in towards this car and Triad is a subsidiary of Ford. 2 down and more to crumble!

Monetary Loss: $3.

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