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Triad Financial does call constantly! even when you are only 1 day late.

Even after you have called and set up payment arrangements, they continue to call. They don't just call a couple of times a day--they call about 100 times a day including Sunday! they are unbelievable! the interest rate is 18% and they are not satisfied with overcharging, the late fees are also phenominal.

I totally wish we had never gone with them. Also, when you do call them and talk to them, they try to insist that you give them two phone numbers.

I never wanted to do that, because they would then call my work a 100 times a day. I have never had anyone insist on two phone numbers.

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They always call and leave threatening messages, but I never answer. Or, I will pick up the call and hang up several times just to *** them off!

I guess they just don't get that I'm not going to return their calls, or ever respond to their harrassing behavior.

They even went so far as to call my parents, and I'm 48! They really upset my mother the most and were very rude to her on the phone!

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