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I recomend not doing business with these people, They are a rip off. Do not get there gap insurance with VLS they are even worse.

I have been going through a battle with both companies, due to the lose of my vehicle from a car accident, and neither one of these companies are helping me out. They want their money now and Vls will not pay the gap insurance that they are suppose to. They totally screwed me.

Stay away from these companies if you know what is good for you. Please do not go through roadloans.com to get a loan because this is what will happen

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I have the exact same problem with them. My car was totalled in 2009.

The Gap insurance should have paid 100% of the $5000+ gap. VLS only paid $256. They never notified me, never would call me back, or answer emails. It is a scam.

I have had a lender and credit report person tell me the same. Gap insurance is a scam.

Santander only sent me two letters in 2 years regarding the debt as well. They are in cohoots!

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