triad financial is very rude, liars, cheaters overcharge there customers. i got behind on my car payments due to illness and asked triad if they could refinance the vehicle there response was no we no longer do that.

with the way the economy is today you would think they would be willing to work with customers. so i'm just waiting to see how much they are going to stick me with once they sell the vehicle. i advise people do not use triad.there customer service dept people are very rude,they make nasty comments ie.

you should have never bought a vehicle you can't afford well that is not the case i got behind due to illness....cancer. i hate triad and they should be put out of business

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Wow...noteaasilybroken.....you MUST live in a different world from the rest of us....PERFECT CREDIT? You should change your name to "notlivinginreality"


Unfortunately, triad finances people with less than perfect credit. So you have to know they will charge higher interest rates because they know you can not get financed anywhere else.

Lesson to be learned don't ever get behind on your bills and have perfect credit. This world system is not set up to help people in trouble. It is set up to cause you to get into more debt with high interest loans that they know you can not afford. Teach your children credit is not the way to go.

If you can't pay cash don't purchase it. It is a vicious cycle and government is only concerned about bailing out those corporations that keep getting richer off the backs of hard working americans.

When can people get a bail out or a second chance for past mistakes. NEVER so don't get yourself in these situations.


I totally agree with you you call 3 times in same day talk to 3 different people if you want call them that each one will give you a different amount you owe on the loan .maybe they should change their name to triad rp off *** artiest.

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