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I never received my title after my final payoff. I have no contact phone numbers to Triad Financial

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I paid off my 2002 Chevy Malibu in 2006 to the Triad Financial Services in Huntington Beach and they sent a Pink Slip with the name of Triad along with my name. I want to junk the car now since it is not operable and DMV insists that I do not own the car and I have already sent three certified letters to the address at Huntington Beach, CA which were all returned unaccepted. How can I contact the Triad Financial Services to help me clarify this problem?


You can reach out to, or call 888.299.8425 to see if they can help you get your title. In 2009 Triad turned over their title info to a company called Santander to handle.

If you paid off your loan before 2009, not sure what to do yet about that, still trying to figure out. I paid my loan off in 2004 and feel like I'm spinning my wheels to find someone to help me.

Hope this helps.

Elk Grove, California, United States #1274213

I paid off my car at around May, 2003 and never got the title of my car either. I can't get hold of Triad Financial and cannot sell my car without a title, it's been about 4 years sicw I want to sell my car.

If someone has any information on this please call me at (916) 627-0750 and leave me a voice mail. Thank you!

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