Triad is a second and sometimes third chance lender. If you were fortunate to be financed by this company, then you were turned down by everyone else.

Please remember Triad took a chance on you when no one else would. If you had to call the center to give a date or amount that you would pay, then you were in collections and not customer service. Triad was not the reason that you fell behind but the reason that you had transportation. Don't be so hard on your creditors.

Remember, it is not their fault that you are delinquent!

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #34300

To say that Triad is excellent on any account is a grand mis-statement. When I fell behind on one payment, due to unfortunate events, they called MY MOTHER IN LAW, and proceeded to give every detail, including account number, amount owed, etc.

That is against the law. If they are so excellent, they would know that.


I hope that you don't have any car financed by Triad and that you never come into hard times like many of us have...because then you will realize how it feels to be treated the way Triad treats their"customers" because remember, regardless of our payment history we are still "customers", and without us, Triad will not exist.

Sheridan Park, Ontario, Canada #27881

:grin triad glad i don't know you,but if i did,I would definitely file bankruptcy on you a----

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #21434

You don't know what you are saying. No Triad did not cause people to fall behind on their payments; which could happen to anyone who suddenly looses a job, gets ill, or anything.

However, it's all about the way in which Triad handles customer issues and treats them like *** (to say the least). No one deserves to be treated in such an inhumane manner, regardless of their payment or credit history. Remember unfortunate events can happen to anyone at any time. So the next time you need a favor, remember what you said about the Triad victims that happen to stumble on hard times.

Also, Triad is no savior in the credit world. They exploit and abuse people who are trusting of, as you say, a second or third chance.

They are not out to help but to fully take advantage of already vulnerable people, who I remind you, did not by any means agree to be harassed, abused, or mistreated when they purchased their vehicle. That's where Triad is wrong on all accounts.

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