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Yes they are a rip off! I have experienced harassing, non-american speaking, poor customer service! If late a few days, the phone calls are non-stop. My car too was repo'd...and i know that it is worth more than what they sold it for. Rebecca, the Customer Service Rep, is a LIAR, AND VERY DECEPTIVE! DO NOT work with her! She promised to rid all repo fees. That was a lie! Everyone, here's my advise...join me in writing the Better Business Bureau. In the name of law, they are ripping people off! After repo'ing my car, i called and then is when i discovered Rebecca lied! I just wanted to rid the car, at that point; although I knew she was probably lying about dismissing the repo fees. Unprofessional staff, all the way around. It's been a nightmare since I got the car...for real!

To the past Mercedes Owner...write the BBB. Please. The BBB get results. And yes, I heard they repo your car even after you make the payments, that's why i called and told them to just come and get it. I'd rather keep my money and let them have the car back. I now have another life doesn't stop with Triad.

For all other unhappy customers, please join me in writing the BBB about Triad Financial. They do target customers with challenging credit. I know my credit was. No matter what your credit ratings still deserve to be treated fairly. I encourage everyone...write the BBB. You will be surprised.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I've never seen so much a** kissing for one company in all my life!!


Food for thought. What is more annoying, harrassing phone calls asking for money you agreed to pay?

Or people who don't pay you when they signed a legal document saying they would?

Who lies more, the bank who lies just so they can recoup as much of thier money as possible before their customer files BK or just stops responding or the person that agrees to make payments on a loan but get mad when they don't get fair treatment about not holding up their end of the deal? Just something to ponder.


Alright, somehow I ended up reading a ton of Triad complaints. Maybe one was the most recent when I found this site, IDK.

I don't have anything to do with car sales or loans. I've noticed a couple things though. First know this, Triad is a bank. They make loans to make money.

Yes they charge more interest and have waaaaaaay stricter sometime not fair practices. That's why most bank won't approve the people that Triad does. That don't want to have to be the bad guy, but with most secondary customers, somebody has to be or banks would lose money from all the defualts on these loans. But its funny that everyone has a complaint was given a chance to re-establish their credit with a carloan most people wouldn't give them and they have blown it.

Look at it. Every triad complainer has missed payments. I look at this way, if you get a loan from Triad its because you have already blown your chances with other banks or collections, whatever. Triad is the last stop.

The last chance cafe. You have lost all right to lieniency or fair treatment. Pay your bill or lose your car. That's it.

What happens a lot of the time is most of you will get your perfectly legal law suit for the remainder of your loan after your car has been repoed and sold wholesale for less than its probably worth (Triad doesn't have much choice, they have to take whatever money they can get at the auction first run) then you will file BK and Triad will never see their money. Lets say u buy a car for 10,000 make some payments so that the balance on the car is 9,000. Dealer made profit car was probably worth 8,000 at most when you bought it. Triad runs it through the auction real quick and it brings 7,000 (these are generously fair numbers).

Who pays the remaining $2000 triad paid the bank on your behalf? Along with the money they had to pay peole to call you a hundred times bacuse you said "checks in the mail" and they never got it PLUS the guy who came to get your car, that I'm guessing doesn't go into potentially dangerous situations where he takes some strangers car for cheap. Who pays for all that? Nobody.

Complain about phone calls and law suits? All of you should go to jail for theft. Seriously, its just ridiculous.

By a car that is within your means and pay your bills. When you don't pay what you agree to pay, its just like stealing and you think you should be given special treatment and consideration from the place you are robbing.

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