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I first want to ask how can I get in on the class action lawsuit against these people? So, I financed my vehicle thru these people and in the end go it repod because me and my husband both lost our jobs and couldnt make the payments.

They sent me a letter that it was going to be auctioned off and if I wanted a public sale to send them a request via cert mail so I did. In the end they auctioned it off at a private sale and got way less for it than if they had at a public sale. Is this grounds to fight what they say I owe? I would owe this much if they had done what I asked them to.

What should I do?

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I've been paying for a 23,000.00 vehicle for three years, mostly on time. I've paid 22,000.00 to date and still owe 20,000.00 on the vehicle.

I'm still so upside down that I can't beleive it. The interest is killing me.

I'm stuck and can't get out of it without screwing my credit! I'd screw them if I could!!!!!!!!

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