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I first want to ask how can I get in on the class action lawsuit against these people?So, I financed my vehicle thru these people and in the end go it repod because me and my husband both lost our jobs and couldnt make the payments.

They sent me a letter that it was going to be auctioned off and if I wanted a public sale to send them a request via cert mail so I did. In the end they auctioned it off at a private sale and got way less for it than if they had at a public sale. Is this grounds to fight what they say I owe? I would owe this much if they had done what I asked them to.

What should I do?

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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If they repossessed the car, you don't owe them anything. Tell them that if they want anymore money out of you, they'd better give you your car back!


You are entilied to sue due to them presenting a public sale, then selling the property at a private auction.THis action can be seen as false and misleading.

Also the market value and contractual obligation should be addressed.You must able to prove that they notified you of the action to sell the property at public action.

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