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I had my car repossessed and they gave me 10-12 days to get caught up on my payments. With the help of my family I did.

Triad promised that they wouldn't do anything with the vehicle and because they didn't check that they received everything in order to reinstate it they shipped it off to the Auction place forcing me to travel 273 miles to recover the vehicle.Triad didn't even do anything seems to me that Triad is rather greedy it's not like I'm the only one that has a car loan with them.

Monetary Loss: $365.

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You know how you know when Triad is lying?

When their lips are moving.

Springdale, Maryland, United States #35279

What I was upset about was that they told me specifically they weren't going to move the vehicle to the auto auction place. Someone on their end dropped the ball and didn't check so see that it was paid


I got my car picked up to. But i understood the information that was given to me so i new there was a chance it would be moved.

No sense in getting mad. it was my fault it was picked up not theirs..

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