Newhall, California

I have an issue where my husband called and spoke with our account manager after going through the steps to get to her on the automated system, he asked about making the our late payments via auto check later this month, she said Ok I need such and so, he asked for her extension so he could call and ask me ok for the amount etc., he called her back within 10 minutes, someone else picked up her extension, he explained he talked to so -n- so (forgot to write down name, dodo) and she said ok so here is the info, the man takes the information gives confirmation number, we are all set. Behind but we are set to make a payment - cool.

now today, a week later we get a call saying they can revoke the agreement for the 29th and that my husband lied , the man was who called and he escalated the situation badly, transfered me to our account manager she said I remember talking to him but I didn't agree to anything, I asked her why she didn't put notes in the system of what we had requested and we would be calling back within 10 - 20 minutes? she then transferred me to the supervisor who proceeded to throw me over a barrel yelling at me. I asked her what the plan was, did she intend to revoke the amount we were set to pay on the 29th, she yelled at me telling me Triad was not going to hold up their end of the deal if I didn't hold up mine, I was holding up mine the 29th isn't even here yet. We have heard nothing from them in a week and now today I need to make a payment today, and I can't.

I have no where to borrow money from. We have a child who is barely a year old and has been really sick in the last couple of months when we got behind, I am just barely getting back to work and having the time to call, she laughed when I told her I was really busy and my situation and couldn't call. I tried my best to remain calm while dealing with unreasonable people.... I am in limbo now, she gave me no answer so do I have my car taken, do they take the money on the 29th?

and I keep my car....I am behind with more than Triad. I understand where I am wrong, I just don't get how they can yell at people. I am sure there are many others who owe far more than I do, I can't do anything I am in a very stressed situation and can't even pay rent :-( Money is all they see, trying not to take it personally. I guess I will take the bus like the man at Triad said I should.

:cry :? :(

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BUT.... first off we get lied to and cussed out all day.

Im just doing my job and everyone always wants to beat around the bush and lie. And about the whole 90 days past due repo.... No... we can repo after 30 days, especially if your not communicating with us.

Keep in touch!

And if your credit was so bad that you had to get a loan with us... WHY would you get 2?!?!


Try having 2 cars financed thru them. NIGHTMARE!

I broke my foot, had to take 6 weeks off... they wanted no part of it. They called me the day my mother passed away and I asked them to stop calling for one week so I could get the funeral in order and get everyone notified. "I'll make a note of it." 3 min later..they were calling me on two phones, tying up my cell phone and my house phone.

I had to borrow the neighbors phone to call family. Just ignore their phone calls, If it goes past three months then you are in danger of repo. If they get a payment before the 90 days...then screw them. They can wait.

I let both of mine go back and I can't wait to file bankruptcy and screw them out of 38,000 in total. THAT...Makes me happy.


I am in your situation. I have some of the same issues.

Go to this website. Complain there. I believe they are looking for people to get something going. Hopefully you can give your email. I did and they got back to me.

Hope this helps!

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