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So it's 2014 and we try to buy a house.

We get our credit report and find out Santander (who we have no idea who they are) had put a $7000 debt on our Experian record in 2012. They referenced a debt of an unknown amount from 2004 at Triad Financial which is 8 years after a car was paid off at Triad Financial.

We notice Experian is the only agency reporting the debt.

We found out this "Santander" (Banco Santander) bought Triad in 2009 and then (this will kill ya) EXPERIAN BOUGHT SANTANDER in 2012!

So in english...what happened here is Experian owns the company fraudulently reporting the debt so Santander can lie, Experian can swear to it and then Experian ends up getting the money. (If you want to buy a house)

So here's what I have to say to Experian:

"That's nice if you think you can keep getting away with it but Santander is servicing loans in my State. You are ruining my life right now so I'm hauling both your as#$ into federal court for fraudulently reporting my families debts and keeping me from buying a house".

Reason of review: Ruining Our Lives.

Monetary Loss: $133000.

Preferred solution: Get the fraudulent 10 year old record off my husbands credit report or I'm going to sue you in federal court for ruining our lives..

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