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My wife and I bought a Truck from Triad. we have payed 400 dollars a month for 16 months and i see that the overall pay-off has only gone down 1500 dollars.

I have a 16.23% rate. high yes but no that high. I owned a vehicle from them before this one and it was a nightmare to buy out. We didn't relise they (triad were the lenders on the new truck.

I would not have got it if I new that. now we want to refi with someone else and can't get ahold of triad to release title. I am going to get in on that class action law suit against them. I have read on several differant site's that they are a bad company.

Check out google. ripoff reports by the thousands about these low life scumbaggs. I feel trapped but am doing everything i can to beat these slimeballs. I urge every person who has been lied to harrassed or threatend by them to join this law suit.

Even if you have had bad track record with them they still are breaking the law in several ways. The more people that stand up the more we all have a chance of some clairity and some answeres maybe even some money back. I am not looking for money just justice and out from under their evil company.

any advice???

Monetary Loss: $15.

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In 2004, I purchased a 2004 Honda from Miller Honda in Culver City, CA and they financed w/Triad financial. The car was paid off in 2009 and to this day I have not received the title for this car. THe numbers that I have for Triad, no one answers or on some numbers the numbers were disconnected.


:zzz Think about it this way, had they done everything as they were supposed to, THERE WOULD BE NO CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT......correct? These guys are rude, arrogant, ignorant and crooks....simple as that!


they call all the time even if you are a day late 6 to 10 times a day and they are a rip off .I call ask them for the paid off on my jeep thursday it was 1080.00 today friday it had gone up to 1868.90 in 24 hours thats with me making a payment last friday for 476.76 and another one today for 476.76. one person tells you one thing then when call back its o know i didn't hear it right all i know my bill when up over 800 in 24 hours be last time i have dealing with them i do now one thing the second i do get it paid i am going to call them day and night until i get my title 72 months payments at 476.76 on a jeep liberty with 4000 down i could of got a good bwm.


I also have a loan with Triad, no one ever told me that if I did not pay my payment on the 6th each month that the balance would grow!! Sometimes I paid on the 10th, 20th etc but for 3 1/2 yrs never 30 days late, stopped paying them 6 months ago when I discovered I had only paid 4k off loan in all that time, they called nonstop, called my family and offered them 250.00 to tell them where I was when I never left my home ever and then they called a friend and said they had offered me a job but couldn't find me so the friend needed to tell them where I was, then they sent repo trucks to home when I wasn't there that left notes and the final straw was the repo man left a voice mail saying that he was with the fraud division of the da's office and they were filing charges against me unless I called them, I called the local da office and they told me there was no such number of person with the city and county. I would like to join the class action as well, still have the car, they never came and got it and it has been here all along


Well, granted my credit wasn't stellar when I got a loan but I didn't finance with Triad, they BOUGHT my loan. They are a pain but I never gave them my address or work phone number.

A PO Box is a wonderful thing. My suggestion is to pay on time and pay a little extra each month to help bring down the principle.


Last time i heard, they cant repo you for fees. Or are they charging interest on that too?


:roll a few condescending comments


People i had a huge complaint with loan balances also.. So i thought to myself after being yelled at so much maybe these rude people might have a few correct answers.

so i did some research and pulled my contract and it is true... Triad is not stealing or scaming us..

I signed the contract it was my responsibility to review it.. i wish i would have done it sooner before they financed the loan..Now when i buy a new car i try to calculate while im at the dealer since there the ones that submit the paperwork to the underwriters at a finance company...


can someone please tell me where i can join in on that class action lawsuit!

Loudonville, Ohio, United States #22004

You act just like your coworkers. Threaten people to pay or else.

I payed off my van and Triad Sent me a final bill for $2400 dollars.

Then would not responde to my calls. next thing you know the van I STOLEN by Triad.

Lebec, California, United States #22003

You act just like your coworkers. Threaten people to pay or else.

I payed off my van and Triad Sent me a final bill for $2400 dollars.

Then would not responde to my calls. next thing you know the van I STOLEN by Triad.

Maryville, Illinois, United States #12325

All Triad loan's are simple interest, based on a declining balance. Everyone of you signed a contract for a specific number of months it will take to pay off the loan.

All the above complainers would not receive phone calls if they paid there payments in a timely manner.

As you have seen over the past year and a half that many people are not paying back their loans. If you are a higher risk you will always pay more.

Auburn, Georgia, United States #12173

They are preditory lenders. They kept giving me a telephone humber where no on ever answered the phone.

I tried for 3 weeks day after day.

They ripped me off and are still trying to. I want to join any class action lawsuit against them.

Fort Belvoir, Virginia, United States #10501

We have had loans and loans with different banks we trade our vehicle in on something newer and end of with Traid, most banks give you a 2 week grace period not Traid they are calling the next day wondering were the payment is. TRAID IS UNREAL!!We have paid on our loan for 2 years now and the amount never goes down NEVER and I mean NEVER at least we know we are not the only ones that have this problem

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #9323


I have been paying on my vehicle for 2 years now and just found out that I have only paid 700 dollars down on it. At this rate I will be paying the rest of my life on this car.

I am in agreement with everyone here about the attitudes of the employee's. They call my home when I am 1 day late and threaten me and I don't get upset with them but boy my husband does. Sometimes we are a few days late because we dont get paid on the day that the note comes due and we have other bills to pay each week with our paycheck. When we bought the vehicle my husband had an awesome job and he was laid off and had to find a new one and we fell behind and they just don't care and don't want to work with you.

We have caught the note up but we did it with a bunch of bull to go with it. If there is a lawsuit then I don't know about it but I would love to because I want my car paid off before I am 60 and I am only 29 (LOL) and if they are doing something wrong to keep us from paying our notes down then I want to be apart of the action to put a stop to it!

Bedford, Texas, United States #9285

I was wondering that myself one pissed off person! What department do you work in learn to spell??? You must feel so powerfull & important !!!

Bedford, Texas, United States #9283

Do they pay you to insult people? Is that what they do with all the "extra fee's?"

Forest Grove, Oregon, United States #7857

umm learn how to spell just out of curiosity what department do you work in at Triad.. You need to learn proper grammar and when companies are ripping off people and you work for them you are just as low... :grin

Florence, Oregon, United States #7853

My husband and I bought a truck and it was financed through Triad. We paid our loan off Nov 07'.

For the duration of the loan we had to deal with the unprofessional doltish moronic simpletons that they have for customer service. Now almost 6 months later, the repo man comes banging on my door at 1am looking for the truck. Tells me I owe $3800 and he needs the truck. Hello no....

the truck is paid for. We are told that they will issue a warrant for the truck. As we see it, thats what you will need to get it from us. We paid 22k for the cost of the truck, 19k in interest over 5 years (yes, we had a high interest rate) and 6 months after the laon is paid want $3800 more???

They state it was late fees accrued over the duration of the loan. When? where and how? When asked to supply me a statement of the loan, they claim it was sent.

Hmmmm wonder why I never received one? This place is out to hurt those trying to rebuild their credit! Not to help. BEWARE...

be very aware of them. They will ruin your credit and drive you to drink!

Warren, Ohio, United States #7409

If you would stay at home and make your wife cook and quit living like you make more than you do then you would be able to pay your car not and your house payment and electric bil and etc on time and the high interest would not be eating you up on your car and learn to spell please

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